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Praise for Music and Multimedia by Nell Shaw Cohen

On Watercolors at the Parrish Art Museum: "Nell’s extraordinary interdisciplinary vision...was an ideal program to introduce the public to the Museum’s collection through music and images. Two "standing room only" performances [of Watercolors] were met with high praise from attendees. The Director of the Museum cited this event as one of the best of the opening weekend." Andrea Grover, Curator of Special Programs, Parrish Art Museum

On workshop performance of opera Mabel's Call: "It was a triumph of beauty, power, and art. To live to see this was a gift from the muse of music. We wept...Nell Shaw Cohen will take this opera all the way to the top!" Lois Rudnick, Biographer of Mabel Dodge Luhan

"Nell Shaw Cohen deserves superlative praise for her compositions inspired by art, particularly her understanding of Charles E. Burchfield’s rapport with nature." Nancy Weekly, Head of Collections and Curator, Burchfield Penney Art Center

On Beyond the Notes: Music Inspired by Art: "Far more extensive than the usual site devoted to an event or artwork, [Beyond the Notes] contains...loads of information connecting the music and art." David Weininger, The Boston Globe

"[Point Reyes from Chimney Rock] sounded like an impressionist fantasy – a tone poem – and was most appealing sonically." Mark Greenfest, SoundWordSight

"[Movements from Nine Muses for solo flute] were alternately distant but lyrical, lively and playful, and contemplative and precise. [The movements for solo harp] had the most complex musical textures: lush and polyphonic, busy and punctuated, and lively and joyous." Basil Considine, The Boston Music Intelligencer

On Watercolors: "I am so glad someone has at last given voice to what one imagines Burchfield might have been hearing in so many of his watercolors. Congratulations on bringing Burchfield alive in a way that I think he would have much appreciated." Richard Kahn, art collector

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